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OG ASD Holy Grail Torch (Aquacultured)

OG ASD Holy Grail Torch (Aquacultured)

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The ASD Holy Grail Torch coral is a true treasure of the reef aquarium world, celebrated for its remarkable beauty. It is the brightest torch available putting all others to shame. This coral has been fragged and grown out multiple times so it's fully aquacultured and healthy. The frags are usually cut to order. If a frag is not available, please allow two weeks for a new frag to be cut and healed before shipping.

Care Instructions

All of our SPS are kept in 300 to 350 par with a peak of 500 and High flow.

Alk 8.4

Cal 400

Mag 1400

Nitrate 10-20

Phos 0.05-0.1

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