Here at Pirates Reef we try to maintain all the tanks the same way so any frags we move around are always in a similar environment.
We use Radion G6 Blue fixtures with Reefbrite XHO Blue hybrid fixtures
PAR 300-350 
450 at the PEAK of the day with all lights on
Download Radion G6 Blue Schedule
Salinity 1.026
ALK 8.4
Cal 350-400
MAG 1300-1400
NO3 10-20
PO4 0.05 - 0.10
TLF C Balance 2 part is used for dosing 
10% Weekly water changes with Red Sea Blue Bucket and we test with REEF LABS ICP 
We feed our tanks daily 
AlgaGen Phyto
KZ Coral Vitalizer
KZ Flatworm Stop
Coral Frenzy Powder
Tropic Marin Trace A & K
Reef Nutrition Oyster Feast
Coral Essentials CVE+
If you want to purchase any Coral Essentials products in the US email us to order.